Why PVC plastic flooring is popular


In the past ten years, China’s GDP has maintained a rapid growth, the national economy has developed rapidly, the commercial development is booming, the decoration market demand is strong, and the application of flooring materials is more and more widely. PVC plastic floor in this environment. Quality and service have improved rapidly.


Food grade raw materials

The main raw material used for PVC plastic floor is polyethylene plastic, which is a real environmental protection, non-toxic and renewable resource. In people’s daily life, it has been used in tableware, medical infusion tube bag and so on. It is a food grade raw material and can be used safely.



The plastic floor is only 2-8mm thick and weighs only 2-3kg per square meter, which is only one tenth of the weight of marble. It’s very convenient to handle. Although the weight of Haokang plastic floor is very light, the quality is very good and it is worth the price.


Scratch and wear resistance

The surface of the plastic floor has a special high-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, and its wear-resistant revolution can reach 300000 rpm. Ground material will only be destroyed. The process is very slow and can be used for more than ten years, so the plastic floor has a strong wear resistance. It is very popular in shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.



For the safety of the plastic floor, the anti-skid material is added to the wear-resistant layer of the floor surface. Even in the case of water, it is not easy to slide. It is especially suitable for kindergartens, hospitals, waiting halls and other important antiskid places.


Waterproof and fireproof

The main component of plastic floor is plastic, with waterproof function, as long as you can not soak in water for a long time. Plastic floor meets the national standard B1 fire protection standard, which is the highest standard of building material fire prevention.


Sound absorption and sound insulation

The sound absorption and sound insulation effect of plastic floor is very good. The sound absorption effect of Haokang floor can reach 20 dB, which completely eliminates the noise disturbance caused by walking. It is suitable for school library, hospital ward area, kindergarten nap room, academic lecture hall and other places.


Convenient construction

The surface of plastic floor is not easy to produce bacteria after special antibacterial treatment, and can kill most of the attached bacteria. The plastic floor is thin and light, so it can be cut freely with an art knife. The installation and construction of plastic flooring is relatively fast and can be used after 24 hours without waiting for drying.


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