Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PVC floor from four aspects



With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, when purchasing some building materials, we pay more attention to their potential advantages. At present, PVC floor is the most used floor when people choose floor decoration materials. The current market is uneven, so it is difficult for many outsiders to choose high-quality PVC flooring.

1、 View product samples

PVC flooring on the market are sample books. The sample contains a real sample of the product, as well as a schematic diagram of the registered trademark, product parameters and product structure. Product samples can also really see the thickness, quality and color feeling of the product.

By looking at the product samples, you can get a general idea of the quality of this PVC floor. In addition, when purchasing the product formally, please make sure to compare the sample manual with the real product to prevent some small manufacturers from confusing each other.


2、 View test report

In the production and processing of PVC floor, due to the complex process (such as insufficient and strict production management), the products will inevitably fail to meet the standards of formaldehyde, fire and volatile. A certain degree of pollution will also have a greater impact on the health of users. Therefore, when choosing PVC floor, please check the product quality inspection report to ensure its safety, environmental protection and compliance with national standards.


3、 Identify product quality

In order to prevent the performance of PVC floor from reaching the national standard, the seller can provide a large number of product samples, carry out real experiments from physical, chemical, fire prevention and other aspects, and truly experience the feeling of feet and whether there is odor.


4、 Check appearance quality

Even if you have purchased PVC flooring, you can pre lay PVC flooring before paving. Check again whether the PVC floor surface is flat, whether the edge is flat, whether there are defects. There is no color difference between rolls. If problems are found before paving, it is necessary to avoid re paving after paving problems, which will waste materials or delay construction.


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