Cleaning and maintenance of PVC plastic floor



The maintenance of PVC plastic floor shows that PVC floor has bright color, and has the advantages of bacteriostasis, anti-skid, sound insulation, comfortable upper foot and easy cleaning. Like all other wood flooring materials, it must be properly and timely maintained. The cleaning and maintenance of scientific research can not only make the wood floor colorful, but also prolong its life.

Maintenance and maintenance methods of PVC rubber floor

The first step: clean up all the dirt on the wood floor completely. If there is glue or bubble gum and other sticky dirt, you can use the technical professional tar cleaner (black offset printing remover, tar cleaner, etc.) to wipe and remove it on the pure cotton towel immediately.

Step 2: spray the general cleaning solution 1:20 with water diluent on the wood floor, rub off the unclean things on the wood floor with a waxing machine, then dry the turbid water with a dry mop, and then wipe the floor with cold water. (if there is no waxing machine, it can be replaced by other special tools. Be careful to remove the stains).

Step 3: after finishing the cleaning, 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax should be applied.

Step 4: after waxing, it takes about 20 minutes to dry the surface of the wood floor. After drying, you can crawl on it. You can use an electric fan to dry it to reduce the time. Generally, it takes several hours to dry after polishing and waxing. If there is a hanging object to move, it must wait until the wax is completely dry before moving, so as to keep the wood floor bright.

The above four processes are general cleaning methods. If the wood floor is applied for a period of time and the surface of the wood floor turns yellow after several times of waxing, the wax remover should be used to solve the problem

(1) After the 1:10 dilution of dewaxing water is evenly spread on the road surface, wait for 10-30 minutes, and then clean and remove the wax with the low-speed gear of the floor scraper and grinding plate. Under the condition of no wax machine, the water will brush the floor completely, and the wax needs to be removed completely, otherwise it is not easy to make the wax bright again.

(2) After removing the wax, please clean and maintain it according to the first-4 process.


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